Our academy provides a host of programs which are designed to improve body strength, stability, and movement. The programs are overseen by our medical grade physical therapists who are leaders in the world of sports medical injuries as well as gold rehabilitation. The aim of these programs is:

  • To increase physical mobility and improve movement.

  • Allow patients return to golfing after recovery from injury

  • Reduce golf injuries

  • Reduce the pain gotten from golf injuries.

Apart from this, golf therapy is also a used to alleviate stress, control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of hypertension. We combine cutting-edge technology with mind/body techniques to allow you have a chance to live your life in peace and harmony one hole at a time.

We combine mental and physical training in a daily routine to ensure detoxification is done without any risks or side effects. Daily therapeutic sessions are exclusively a one-on-one affair with our highly qualified physicians.

Golf therapy sessions include stance and swing practice, on open play, as well as the ability to control tension while on the green. We use one-on-one sessions to bring to the fore the importance of sobriety, including the critical elements of mindfulness, and drug abuse control. Our treatment facility is situated in beautiful, scenic environments with standard facilities at your disposal.

The program is for people suffering from different forms of addiction including:

  • Gambling

  • Sex

  • Gaming

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

Golf therapy has also been known to treat depression of many forms such as PTSD, ADD, and ADHD. Each program we have can be tailored to your individual specifications as we focus on giving a holistic treatment. To book your package today or tour our facilities please use the contact forms here.