A golf academy is not complete without hosting some sort of philanthropic tournament which aims at giving back to the community or creating awareness for a charitable cause. For sure, we are no exception. We have a very active social schedule where we host a broad selection of events in different times of the year.

Membership of our social community only costs a paltry sum of £200 a year and gives members the access to make use of all the facilities at our disposal without extra charge.

These include the golf grounds, gym, swimming pool, and free Wi-Fi including all the social events which are organized within the academy grounds. Enjoying other facilities like the restaurant will cost an additional fee per meal. Members will also receive a social card which gives them 15% discount on all drinks and meals paid for at the bar and restaurant.

Other goodies to be enjoyed are the ability to host your private functions at our facilities with a 25% discount on weddings, birthdays, and other personal celebrations and get-togethers. To find out how get your membership to our social club, or if you would like to pay for a friend, family member, or a loved one, please use the contact forms here.

Social events

These are some of the social events we host throughout the year:

Annual General Meeting (Jan)

The annual general meeting of our academy takes place at the beginning of the year. We use the opportunity to strategies on the way to move forward and achieve our objectives. We discuss new ways to roll out our services and make a deep impact in the quality of the experience our customers receive at our golf course. The annual general meeting also discusses other aspects of the Academy like the Golf Club and community outreach programs.

Academy Program Launch (June)

The Academy program launch announces the new direction the golf academy will take for the New Year. We discuss changes to the programs and open new facilities. All members are welcome for this event.

Ladies Charity (November)

This is a charity event organized by the ladies to raise funds for different charities the Academy is supporting. We also use this opportunity to create awareness about depression and how to overcome them through the use of golf therapy. This is an effective therapy that helps reduce stress to make you happier and productive.