The famous sport of golf has for a long time being seen as a sport for the rich, royalty, and elite. It is a powerful magnet for politicians, business men and captains of industry who meet over a round of golf to plot billion dollar moves and shape policies in their respective fields.

Yet come to think of it, have you ever wondered why of all sport, golf is considered exclusively for the rich? The fact is, it is not only the rich that have an active golf lifestyle. With innovation and incursions into the market space, many resorts are offering golfing facilities to people who would ordinarily not be able to afford one.

But still, there are a few salient reasons as to why the wealthy and the political elite select this particular activity in the midst of many other sports around the world.

If you are still interested in understanding why this sport is the main attraction for the 1% of our society, then look no further as we present to you the top reasons why Golf Is considered a sporting activity for the rich:

There is less strenuous activity

Unlike high contact sports such as football or basketball which require intense workout in the gym and training on the field of play, golf does not really use a lot of power or endurance to be at the top of your game. You need not max out the energy output on your muscles each and every time you take to the course.

Although the activity can be stressful in its own right, there are no intense fitness regimen which must be met before you can play at a high level.

When you see a game of football, tennis, and basketball, you are looking at athletes at the peak of physical fitness but this cannot be said of golf. The top players are usually elderly and you will hardly see a player looking physically toned as you would when see a game of rugby.

Golf is a leisure sport

This means it is a sport that is played to help unwind. You do not have to walk all the way from hole 1 to hole 19 when you have your golf cart waiting in the wings. You do not have to carry your own equipment either with your caddy constantly by your side. And who else can afford these luxuries? The rich! You got that right. This is one of the reasons why golf is considered a rich man's playground.

Golf Clubs appear aristocratic

This is another reason why golf is not for those with small pockets. Golf equipment can be incredibly expensive to purchase. There are golf irons which can set you back several thousand pounds and that is not even close to what a person can spend to get properly acquainted with the game.

There are exclusive golf clubs all over the world with access only by invitation. And guess what? For you to have a whiff of a chance to get invited to such exclusive playgrounds, you have to be extremely rich. So you can see why the sport has an affinity with the rich and famous.

Golf allows for socialization

Unlike football and basketball where your total concentration is on how to win the game, the game of golf is not so. Golf is played with less tension and less frenetic energy. There is no intense running to try winning the ball or scoring a goal so players can have the chance to discuss among themselves and strike up a business deal. This is why the rich play golf. It is an avenue to get richer.


These are the main reasons why golf is considered a rich man's game. So go make money to enjoy this sport today.