At our exclusive Golf Academy, we provide a broad range of golf programs that are tailored to cater for your individual needs. We do short events including our "3 Day" Gaming School where newbie golfers or enthusiasts spend time with us at the facility to understand the basics of this elusive game.

We also provide personalized instructors who remain constantly at your side to give you private tips on your stance and swing. These instructors are at your service at any time of the day making you feel like a real tour player in the PGA championships. In all, our programs are formulated to ensure you leave us a better golfer than you came in.

Our golf academy services are administered by professionals in the sports, tourism and hospitality industry who understand the core concepts of providing genuine value to customers in order to ensure loyalty.

Our golf programs are good ways to for a passionate golfer to find the right path into becoming a semi or professional golfer. But as with all good things, it takes a lot of commitment and time to get your skills up to par. This means players may require more practice time to fine-tune their swing as well as further their short game technique. Adequate and mentored practice is crucial to enhance these skills at our facility before using them in a real golf course.

Between the classroom studies, we give you access to our training course to practise your swing or our high-speed access internet to find the best places to play or bet on golf. Golf and betting is a growing industry and golf are even becoming a thing in the online casino world, with several of the leading casino software developers are building slot games with golf balls as included objects. Since golf in the casino world is entirely new, you need to look for online casinos 2019 to find any of the latest and fun to play casino slot games.

Our golf academy will give you the comfort and options needed to make this dream a reality.

The litany of events at our academy includes:

  • Golf theoretical knowledge daily from 8am - 10 am

  • Golf instruction every day from 10am - 12pm

  • Lunch Breaks and Siesta 12pm - 3pm

  • In-depth Analysis of morning game 3pm - 4pm

  • Evening Free Practice 4pm - 7pm

Please note that this is a standard package for our customers and experience may differ based on request and custom packages. We are always on hand to answer your questions. If you would like to book your personalized golf academy package or tour of our facilities, contact us here.